The east exit looks to be our only way out. We've got to keep Dr. Reich in one piece and that'll slow us down. There's what looks like a different breed of Scay'Ger around here too, but they haven't made their intentions clear. I can still hear Kelly saying he has a pretty shitty feeling about this place. He doesn't know the half of it.

Objective : move Dr. Reich to the east exit
Loss if : corporal Bratt or Dr. Reich are killed in action
Enemies : Ray'Ther, Gore'Thers, Cy'Coo
Ammo boxes : 0
Equipment boxes : 5 (50 points, 50 points, 50 points, 50 points, +1 point for battle fitness)
Space marines : corporal Bratt, West, Maxon, Casso, Lee, Bakee, Doctor Reich

Tips :
- The platforms are too narrow to shoot the backs of the Gore'Ther. Use them to keep the Gore'Ther away from your units.
- Activate the defense mode for fighting the Cy'Coo, otherwise they'll never take damage.

Commendations : yes

Before mission :
Weapons : -
Equipment : -

Strategic report :
By Gades : this one's pretty tough, making me load a couple of times. However, this was my plan. For the first two turns, I loaded the people I wanted to move to the crates, and did that, just BEFORE the Gore'Ther comes from behind. Then I would keep a Sniper to shoot those pesky Cy'Coo. Activating the switch, a bunch of platforms move across. To the crates I would place a flamer, a sniper or advancer, and Dr. Reich for safekeeping (I think of weird nicknames for marines with their guns). The others will kill the Scay'Ger and Gore'Ther. The LAST crate is a implant module (+1 Battle Finess), so plan to give it to someone good. The reminaing Gor'Ther is quite tricky. Here's how I did it. I believe there is three in this level. Anyways, when I activate the switch to let the platform come back, I made my flamer get ready to shoot Mode B to the 2 Gore'Ther that are standing there for a while so they CANNOT move anywhere, and made the others run away from them. The last Gore'Ther should be used the same, covering it with fire so it cannot move and can easily be shoot from the back. You can finish the level now by moving EVERYBODY (I read numerous times from newsgroups how they cannot finish the level) to the EAST platform. If you want to kill them though, you can chase them around by luring them around and shooting them from behind or by luring them to the unstable bridge.

By Troy : this is apparenlty a poorly designed/documented mission, it tells you what to do and yet it does not. You have to move ALL of your guy's including the doctor to the far platform. OK now for the rest of you. This is how I do it I'm sure it is not the only way. I have mostly sniper rifles, and a flame thrower. Move the doctor toward the switch. Move the flame thrower with him. Leave two guy's on the platform. Move one onto the weak bridge. And if you have anyone else move him by the doctor. The Cy'Coo can only be killed in defense mode. So take them out when you can. Move the platform sending two guy's around the back of the three towers to kill the enemies there, and to pick up some points. The guy on the weak bridge needs to move up so he is not on it, but only by one step. Be sure to move your guys or at leat the doctor every turn. Even if they do nothing or they'll be hit from the towers. Move the two guy's off the platform, hit the swithc again, when it get's back cover all but the edge ith flames. This forces the TWO Gore Ther to move toward the guy that is on the other side of the weak bridge. Can you gess what will happen? Whil they are moving the guy's from the other end will be moving to the guy on by the weak bridge. Move the flame thrower and any other avail able guy's that way to help him out. Killing the last Gore Ther will be up to you. I suggest getting him to go down one path or the other so you can easily get behind him. Now, that should take care of all the enemies. If the Guy's on the platform are not dead just keep moving. Send someone back to hit the switch to bring the two guy's that went on the scavenging mission and simply get them ALL to the platform. You will earn a commendation from this mission.