So it was more than a handful of Scay'Ger, like I thought. Orders are to get the hell out of the halls and that's fine with me. We'll move east, but we'll have all those damn doors to cover. This could get ugly fast.

Objective : one Marine must reach the exit area marked by the red box A
Loss if : corporal Bratt is killed during the battle
Enemies : Ray'Ther
Ammo boxes : 0
Equipment boxes : 1 (50 points)
Space marines : corporal Bratt, West, Maxon

Tips :
- You can open the doors if the unit is next to and facing it. Click on the Hand icon below.
- Of course you can open the chest.
- Keep an eye on the ventilation ducts, they could allow for more than just stale air.
- Don't hesitate at the 3rd door, you should reach the exit quick.

Commendations : no

Before mission :
Supply Shuttle Alpha
Weapons : light combat gun, advanced combat gun, standard assault rifle
Equipment : short range scanner, light armor

Strategic report :
By Gades : this stage is quite simple, relying on defense mode after opening any doors. Like the first stage, you will only face Ray'Ther. Watch out on the next turn after the vents start opening up because a Ray'Ther will pop out of one. Although you can reach the exit very easily, it is better to kill all the Ray'Ther to increase your experience points.

By Erbgor : wait a turn before you open doors so you have 2 AP's left. Use defense mode after you opened it. Before the last door: Send your merc with the light combat gun to the box (50 pts) and place the other two in front of the door. After you opened the box, place this merc next to the hole. Wait one turn, save. Now open the door. Kill the first Ray'Ther that you see, and move your merc two squares if possible. Move the other merc as far as possible and wait one turn. Kill the Ray'Ther in front of you. If you only moved one square in your last turn, walk another one, always aiming for the red square. Let the light combat gun Soldier kill the one Ray'Ther next to him. Wait a turn. Kill the Ray'Ther in front of you. There shouldn't be any aliens left. If so, go as far as possible. If not, wait another turn. Wait a turn. Now move your merc on the red square. As soon as you end your turn you won, so there is no reason to not try and kill remaining Ray'Thers if possible. Remember that you get full ammo before every mission, and you get points for killing.