The fort isn't even in sight and we're buried deep in Scay'Ger. Dr. Reich says there's another species called the Squee'Coo, and he needs three of them for his research lab. I told him he can have as many as he wants, but every damn one of them's going to be tagged and bagged.

Objective : kill three Squee'Coo. Reach the red exit area 
Loss if : sergeant Bratt is killed during the mission
Enemies : Ray'Ther, Gore'Ther, Squee'Coo
Ammo boxes : 3
Equipment boxes : 4 (50 points, 50 points, 50 points, 50 points)
Space marines : sergeant Bratt, West, Maxon, Casso, Lee, Bakee

Tips :
- Kill Gore'Ther first and fast.
- Start shooting Squee'Coo from a good distance.

Commendations : no

Before mission :
Power Station Supply Base
Weapons : light combat gun, advanced combat gun, standard assault rifle, sniper rifle, flame thrower, heavy machine gun
Equipment : short range scanner, light armor, standard armor, attack armor, light stimulants, heavy stimulants, munitions pack, medical kit, servo system, targeting system, banner

Strategic report :
By Gades : this mission is fairly simple. On the extra spot on the fence, I deployed Bratt on there with a Heavy Machine Gun to nail hose Scay'Ger. This mission you confront the dreaded Squee'Coo. You can use the Flamer against them or a Sniper and move away unless they have very good armour. This is quite simple. Just kill 5 Squee'Goo.

By Erbgor : move to the second door, open all three boxes. Place two mercs with assault guns next to the third door and wait one turn. Open the door and use defense mode with your two mercs next to the door. Let the others take care of the Ray'Thers that come out off the holes. In the next room, move one merc to the farest corner and the other to the door. Wait a turn. Open the door and flee with the merc who opened the door back into the big room. This way you can attack the Gore'Ther from two directions and shoot him in the back, which is the only way to kill it.