The farther we move into this green nightmare the less clear things get. Up on the space station Dr. Reich was amazed when he got our report - he wants us to push on and find out who built all this stuff. I told him we'd push on until we found Chainsaw. I didn't tell him how close she is...

Objective : reach the red exit area within 20 turns. There's some poisoned air around you have to get rid off fast. Some strange plants are polluting the air, although it doesn't seem to effect the Scay'Ger...
Loss if : sergeant Bratt or Major Rutherford are killed in action. You need longer than 20 turns
Enemies : Bea'Ther, Gore'Coo
Ammo boxes : 2
Equipment boxes : 4 (20 points, 20 points, 50 points, 50 points)
Space marines : Sergeant Bratt, Rock, Austin, Knox, Wayne, Major Rutherford

Note : this mission was played at difficulty level 1

Tips :
- Hurry up.
- Try to hold your breath.

Commendations : no

Before mission : -
Weapons : -
Equipment : -

Strategic report : -