Simon says the woman's name is Sam Steele, but she calls herself "C" for "Chainsaw". She says we'd give up our lives to see some of the things she's discovered, but she couldn't - or wouldn't - say more. Well we're not here for the sights, and I have enough people telling me what to die for. If it turns out she could have come in on her own, she'll be the one doing the dying...

Objective : kill all the Scay'Ger
Loss if : sergeant Bratt or Major Rutherford are killed during the action
Enemies : Gore'Ther, Gore'Coo
Ammo boxes : 0
Equipment boxes : 0
Space marines : Sergeant Bratt, Rock, Austin, Knox, Wayne, Major Rutherford

Note : this mission was played at difficulty level 1

Tips :
- The platform in the southwest is crowded by Gore'Coo.
- Use hidings where possible to prevent early long-range attacks...

Commendations : no

Before mission :
Useful Scrap
Weapons : doublefire, mine thrower, chainsaw, rapid fire machine gun, enhanced laser gun
Equipment : long range scanner, heavy armor, large medical kit

Strategic report : -