Back in the halls... Plenty more crates, and plenty more Scay'Ger to go with 'em...

Objective : reach all areas marked with an "A" and open every crate
Loss if : sergeant Bratt or Simon are killed during the action
Enemies : Ray'Ther
Ammo boxes : 3
Equipment boxes : 6 (10 points, 10 points, 10 points, 10 points, 10 points, 20 points)
Space marines : Sergeant Bratt, Rock, Austin, Knox, Simon

Note : this mission was played at difficulty level 1

Tips :
- Move quickly, Scay'Ger will be coming from everywhere.
- You don't have to stay on an "A". If it's turned to red you should move on.

Commendations : no

Before mission :
The Old Fort
Weapons : light combat gun, advanced combat gun, standard assault rifle, sniper rifle, flame thrower
Equipment : short range scanner, light armor, standard armor, light stimulants, servo system, medical kit, munitions pack

Strategic report : -