We've got a transmitter in sight on the other side of the room, but it'll be a miracle if it works. Before we can even check it out we've got to block the tubes the Scay'Ger are dropping in from - I think the crates in here will help. If we can secure the place it'll be easy enough to defend until someone finds the time to drop by and pick us up. If there was a prayer for transmitters I'd be saying it now.

Objective : both tubes have to be blocked with the crates to keep the Scay'Ger out. Kill all Scay'Ger
Loss if : sergeant Bratt is killed during the action. Any of the crates are destroyed.
Enemies : Ray'Ther, Dec'Ther
Ammo boxes : 2
Equipment boxes : 3 (20 points, 20 points, 1 hydraulic crowbar)
Space marines : Sergeant Bratt, Rock, Austin, Knox

Note : this mission was played at difficulty level 1

Tips :
- Don't shoot the crates.
- One of the supply crates has something inside you could use later...
- A tube is blocked when five crates are surrounding it.

Commendations : no

Before mission :
Walker's Last Stand
Weapons : light combat gun, advanced combat gun, standard assault rifle
Equipment : short range scanner, light armor

Strategic report :
Two of the crates have useful equipment items that you can't buy, so make sure you open ALL of them before you push the final box in front of the Scay'Ger portal. Midway through the mission, Dec'Ther spiders will fall out of the ceiling in the northwest corner. They can't fall/attack you on the same turn though. The Dec'Ther in the missionCD can now pop out of the portals and attack you right away. Be aware of that and try to always keep at least 2 marines on defense mode. Use a "buddy" system and make sure whomever can't go on defense mode has someone providing cover fire. [Author : Geo]

This mission is not too bad, as long as each turn each marine is in defense mode, or a marine is in defense mode that is in support for the other. There should be two groups with two marines each to go straight for the tubes, and they should be taken cautiously, because in numerous occasions, when my men were not in defense mode, a Dec'Ther would come out of the tube and rock the marines. The first area that should be approached by two men should be divided so that one goes up behind the crates, and the other just in front towards the tubes. Make sure that they both be in defense mode, because they sure spew a lot of Dec'Thers! Another note is that I belive in turn 10, Dec'Ther comes down from the ceilings for about 2-3 turns. Fortunatley, they just drop down, and don't react. Finally, just slide in the crates carefully when the time is right. The second area that sould be taken by the other two marines. Here, the marines will have a better time at advancing, because there are a lot of open spaces for them to kill the Scay'Ger, and good for defense mode. As above, just advance slowly, and pushing crates forward. Along the way, in the middle of the level, there is a crate. Use the marines that are going towards the second tube. In the crate is a Crowbar ; which useful for the next level to open faulty doors. Get it. That's it to this level. Just slide in the crates and onto the next. [Author : Gades]