Two Gore'Ther left. We gotta get out of here, but I don't have a clue where to. What the hell - we're still alive... maybe we can dig up a transmitter. And maybe it's batteries'll have enough juice to reach the space station.... Maybe we'll even live long enough to get picked up... We won't have much trouble getting out of the halls, but we're gonna need supplies. We better take a look in those chests...

Objective : all Marines must reach the room with the red "A". One must stand on the "A"
Loss if : sergeant Bratt is killed during the action
Enemies : Ray'Ther, Gore'Ther
Ammo boxes : 1
Equipment boxes : 4 (20 points, 20 points, 50 points, 50 points)
Space marines : Sergeant Bratt, Rock, Austin, Knox

Note : this mission was played at difficulty level 1

Tips :
- The exit is easily reached. But the chests are out of your way and in dangerous zones. And you need equipment points urgently.
- Attack the Gore'Ther from the rear.
- Cut off the paths for the Scay'Ger when you're retreating.

Commendations : no

Before mission : -
Weapons : -
Equipment : -

Strategic report :
Break your 4-marine squad into pairs, so one pair can lure the Gore'Ther and get them to turn their backs to the other pair. Fight towards the barrrel to the northeast, but have a marine open the crate before you shove the barrel over. The barrel will block in any more spawning Ray'Ther in that room. One marine can hold off Ray'Ther coming from the northwest room (the final destination room) by using his bayonet and a sort of "one-step forward, two steps back" shuffle. Just remember that a Ray'Ther has 6 action points, and adjust his position accordingly. After opening the room with the two other Gore'Ther in it, get a marine as far west as possible in that room as quickly as possible. He and a marine at the door can catch the Gore'Thers in a cross-fire. [Author : Geo]

To start off, this mission (like all the expansions), they are very difficult and tricky. This mission relies you to get the crates and get the hell out. You begin with a few marines and Sargeant Bratt. It is essential that they all come out alive and unscathed. One more note before I get along with this level. Conserve your bullets as it is very scarce. Use the bayonet as your main weapon. So, as you begin, there are two Gore'Ther ahead of you. To kill them, use a marine and lure them towards the starting point, and then send the rest around the blocks and surprise them from behind. The first area that should be tackled is the area just beside the beginning. This should be taken with caution because they spew out a lot of Ray'Ther since there's a vent in that area. Two marines should enter the vicinity. At the exact moment when there is a pause (No Ray'ther for 2-3 turns), rush in your two marines and grab the crate (holds 20 equipment points) and get the hell out, making the last marine shoot the barrel to block the entrance. The the last two should stay around the exit area chopping up Ray'Ther for the time being. After shutting the door in that area, you may open the door and behold, there are two more Gore'Ther. Let a marine rush in and stay at the very edge, and when the Gore'Ther reaches him, let the other marine open the door and blast them up. Undo the turn if you miss a number of times as bullets are very scarce. As the above tactic, when there is a slight pause of Ray'Ther, jump in, grab the crates and run out. Shoot the barrel, and close the door behind you. Then just kill the Ray'Ther in the exit and get out of there (The crates hold two 50 points and the one lying in front of them is a 20). [Author : Gades]